Awakening Oil

Awakening Oil


This newest collaboration between Under Aurora and Wild Origins combines carefully chosen herbs and essential oils to awaken the creative energies within us. 

This naturally pink oil is formulated to enhance mental clarity, lift tension, anxiety, and inhibitions, promote openness and playfulness of mind and spirit, spark creativity and joy, and enhance passion and intuition. This companion to the Dream Oil is for use on pulse points or the third eye before meditating, painting, or connecting. 

ingredients: fractionated coconut oil infused with damiana, rosemary, alkanet root and essential oils of jasmine, hinoki, rosemary, cardamom, and ginger

for more information about the ingredients including country of origin, extraction process, and sustainability measures visit the glossary of ingredients

1 oz glass bottle with pump top

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As with all products containing essential oils you should use caution when using them on children. This product is not intended for children under the age of 5 . Please patch test and use sparingly if you plan to use it with children over the age of 5.