I've been using Under Aurora’s nourishing facial oil for six months and couldn't be happier with how it reacts with my skin. As someone with oily and acne prone skin, I wanted to try an oil instead of continuing with regular lotion. This makes me feels hydrated and naturally thins out the oil in my face. It smells incredible and a real treat to use first thing in the morning. Its important that it's an all natural and organic formula. I've become increasingly aware of what ingredients are in my facial products and makeup. -Tara, Brooklyn, NY

I adore Under Aurora's products! I love the skin brightening scrub, which smells divine and isn't too harsh for my sensitive skin. It leaves my face feeling smooth and hydrated. I also use the scrub on my lips and hands! One small jar lasts me several months, so it's a great value. - Amy, Columbus Ohio

I absolutely love your perfumes, they are subtle and last all day. I get many compliments when I wear them. I have 2,5 and 7. -Peggy, Lancaster, Ohio

I've been using the Balancing Facial Toner for two months and it has drastically changed the texture and clarity of my skin. I use it morning and night! It's gentle enough to use multiple times a day, and the results are immediate.-- Aly C., Brooklyn, NY

We love burning our palo santo and I usually use my Under Aurora perfume oil (the Poet-it's amazing) at least twice a day. The smell is amazing and never "too much", even right after I apply it. The balancing facial toner is also a favorite of mine. -Madison, Columbus, OH

I love products that can do double or even triple duty. The coconut oil spray serves as my moisturizer for both face and body as well as my go-to hair finisher to subdue my frizz. It's important to me to have a natural product to rely on, and this one keeps impressing me with its versatility and quality. --Sara, Indianapolis, IN

I bought your nourishing facial oil from HausWitch and it has been such a blessing for my skin. I have been using conventional moisturizers since forever, but I replaced it with this magic combo of oils and my skin is GLOWING. It looks so soft, vibrant, and healthy. I put it on after dousing my face in rose water, and I feel the most confident in bare skin than I have felt in years. Thank you! -Paola, Boston, MA

I have VERY sensitive skin, patches of dry in the winter, an oil slick in the summer. My skin, at 39, has never looked and felt better with the coconut oil spray. I use it daily on my face and body. I also love their Artist perfume oil. I use it along side my natural, unscented deodorant paste to keep me smelling fresh. - Nicole, Providence, RI.

I don't think I could get through the day without burning some Under Aurora palo santo and rubbing the Maya Deren hand lotion over my hands and forearms. The smell of lavender, patchouli, and palo santo instantly calms me down. - Erica L, Columbus

I use the coconut oil spray everyday on my face and body. It's my favorite moisturizing product. Of. Ever. It smells great, is very light and non-greasy, but really quenches my thirsty skin. It's the best out there! -Erin, Providence, RI